Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jenny Week 1 Weigh-In!

Drum roll please........

After our wedding tasting, traveling, and eating and drinking at a wedding..........

I lost 5 lbs.!

I am super pumped to continue on this weight loss journey.  The food is really great, lots of veggies, and Addy, Alex and I are all benefitting from the long walks.

Speaking of, Addy took her first trip to Red Bird Hollow.  It's this old horse trail where you cant take your dogs and or horses and walk them off-leash.  She LOVED it and she took her first swim :) What a champ.  I took my camera to get some pics of her and the boys but the battery was dead :(  Next time.

Also, we are in the process of forming our LLC for The Mulberry Cottage and submitting the paperwork.  It'll take about 25 business days once the paperwork is done so hopefully, it will be ready to go before the wedding.  While I can't really make anything for the shop yet, I have been really crafty lately cough *wedding invitations* cough but cannot show ya'll the final product until they have gone out in the mail.

I'll post pics of the invites when they go out (fingers crossed) at the end of the week!

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