Friday, June 24, 2011

Jenny Craig Weight In Week IV!

Hello there all.  I tried to write a post about our fabulous home yesterday but blogspot decided it didn't want to co-operate.  Anywho, yesterday I had my fourth weigh in at Jenny!  I lost another 1.8 lbs. bringing my total to around TEN lbs!  Jenny also does measurements every month to see the progress you have made in your overall physique.  After all of the hard working out, dieting, walking, etc.  I have lost 8 inches off my body.  That's almost a foot yo!

I still have the 20 lbs goal for the wedding so i'm kicking it into high gear!  As of yesterday we only have 1 MONTH to go!  With so much going on and all of my DIYing, don't be surprised if you don't hear from me as often = SAD FACE :(

What better way to celebrate your one-month-until-your-wedding anniversary than by going to your second dress fitting!  Last time I went to go see the gown it was NOT pretty.  Nancy and the seamstress basically had to brace themselves with the wall to get the dress zipped up.

Exhibit 1: BACK FAT


 Okay, okay, maybe it wasn't that bad, but for realz.......IT WAS BAD!!!

WELL, after the weight loss.....there is ZERO back fat (and even if there is, you better not say anything to me about it at the wedding)! 


Girl, I feel your Paaaiiiinnnn.  Unfortunately, the armpit fat still exists.  It's better than before, but it could use some work.


Yes, it is a way to minimize the armpit fat.  No, it is not how I want to be walking around on my wedding day.

Other then that, the dress fits like a glove.  In fact, I lost so many inches off by body that the dress "dropped" and so it has to be hemmed again!

Anyone have any tips to get rid of that pesky armpit fat?

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