Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jenny Weigh-In Week II!

It's that time of the week again!  I had my second weigh-in consultation this morning with my ever-so-lovely consultant Tiffany.  I am pleased to say that I lost....2.6 lbs!

While I was hoping for a bit more, I am just peachy with a 7 lbs weight loss overall in just two weeks!  Addy is happy as well.  She sleeps for most of the day and then amps up for her 1.5 hour walk every night.  What a champ!

She is not going to stay happy for much longer however.  As a gift to myself for the small accomplishment I went out and got.....


AN URBAN ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP!!!!  While this means that Addy won't be going on her coveted walks as much, it does mean that I will get some variation in my workout.  This means that my body won't become accustom to just one exercise which will allow for complete workout optimization (I may or may not have stolen that line from Nathan, my personal trainer consultant) :).

While I am a little sad I wasn't able to eke out that last .4 lbs. to make my loss this week an even-steven 3 lbs. I am moving on.  I would like to lose a solid three pounds this week which will put me well on my way to reaching my goal of dropping 20 lbs. before the wedding!

Speaking of, the invites went out this week so keep your eyes peeled for our AMAZING invitation suite.  Once I am pretty sure that most of our guests have received the invite, I'll be sure to post pics of the process!

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