Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Home: Part I

Alex and I purchased our first home this past February.  It was a complete rehab property that was brought back to its former 1910 glory, with modern amenities.  Crazy me decided that two weeks after moving in, we would have a housewarming party........WRONG!  I must be nuts, but I pulled the house together in those two short weeks (while studying, wedding planning, etc.) just in time for the party!  Not to toot my own horn, but many of my friends and family were impressed by my prowess for interior design.  Some even insisted that I create a blog so that I could showcase my home to the masses...HA.  Well here it is ladies and gentlemen, our home, in all its glory.

The front porch is my homage to the south.  See the ferns and the lazy rockers?  The house has three livable floors and an unfinished basement (or the place I call the dungeon when threatening Addy after she does something BAD).  We have three bedrooms, one and a half baths, and a fully finished attic.....sans air conditioning :(  Anywho, here is our main floor!

Right when you walk in the door, our dining room is on the left.  I glazed and reupholstered some dining chairs that I found at a local thrift store and paired it with a table that Alex finished all by himself!

In one of the corners of the dining room is the sweet little antique chair and rustic bike!

Here's our mantel with some of our  my favorite things.  The frame on the right holds a canvas calendar with our wedding date singled out with an embroidered heart (it used to be a bag but Opie got ahold of it)....

Our living room!  It is filled with light!

I filled the bookcases with various trinkets and some of our books.  Alex's favorite part....the TV!

Our teeny tiny kitchen complete with granite countertops and no counter space!  See that curtain?  I made it.  Aren't I crafty?

Hope you like our home!  The upstairs is yet to come!

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