Saturday, July 23, 2011

Last Night as a Single Lady

Well, it's finally here.  Tomorrow, in 95 degree weather, Alex and I are getting married.....outside.  We had a great rehearsal, an amazing dinner, and went out with some of our college friends.  After Lo's ID went missing and her iphone was stolen, we came home.  As soon as we walked in the door I knew there was a problem........

Addy and Buddy had pooped a RIVER of diarrhea.  So, in 20 years time, what will I be telling our friends and family?  "Well on the eve of my wedding, I was cleaning up river-like diarrhea :(  Boo!

Anyways, tomorrow is going to be wonderful.  Poop free.  And I'll be marrying my best friends.

See you on the flip side!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jenny Craig Week VIII Weigh-In

Another week another pound and a half!  This puts me at around 17 pounds lost from the end of may until now!

My goal was to reach my half-way point (around 20 lbs.) by the time the wedding hit.  While I have not and will not accomplish this by Saturday, I am still very satisfied with my results, the weigh loss, and how I look.  I picked up the dress today and what a saga it has been.  I went into my first fitting and the seamstress could hardly do the dress up.  It was a RUDE awakening, partially prompting my pre and post wedding diet.  Every time I went back the dress kept getting looser and looser until finally, at my last fitting, she had to take it in an inch on both sides!  I went to go pick up the dress today and she looked beautiful and very tiny since being taken in.  I opted not to try on the dress one more time, and instead, the next time I put it on will be my wedding day.

In other news, it looks as though the wedding is going to be steamy HOT!  We ordered some huge fans to put around the reception space just to get the air moving a little bit.  Say a little prayer that there isn't a heat advisory this Saturday :(

Want a sneak preview of part of my wedding day look?  Okay here it is!

Anyone have any advice for a soon-to-be married couple?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weight Loss Weigh-In Week VIII!

Weigh-in number seven was yesterday and it went great!  I lost another three pounds this week!  I am sooo surprised because this past weekend was my second bachelorette weekend!

To start the night we went to Nada, a mexican fusion restaurant downtown.  Not only did I eat FLOUR tortilla chips and guacamole to start, but I also DRANK two mojitos.  I then ate two of my three grilled chicken tacos.  Yum.

After dinner some of the ladies and I went to a local bar right across the street.  We sat outside, a good choice considering the theme of the bar is western, bull included.  I drank some more (rum and diet cokes) and people watched.

Alex picked us up and the bachelorette party pretty much ended at that point.  We went to a local bar down the street from our house and relaxed on the patio (while some drama ensued).

I would say that the party was a success, I got to eat something not on plan with JennyCraig and drink for the first time in months!  The best part?  No hangover (really)!

Despite last week's gluttony, I have managed to lose 16 lbs!  That's two more than the average bride loses and I still have one more week to go!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Back Deck Staining Project

When we moved into our house a new deck had just been put on, but never stained.  We waited and waited, weeks and weeks for a 24 hour period of NO RAIN.  It took nearly two months, but we finally got cracking on staining the deck.

Here's the deck.  It's pretty standard, a little small, but it'll do just fine.

Notice the water?  I wasn't lying.  It rained A LOT this summer.

We picked a stain that was pretty natural looking.  I didn't want anything too red or too brown.  Notice our huge, oddly shaped/sloped yard?  It's a swampy situation.

Here comes the stain!

You have to start with the rails if you want to stain it all in one go.  Painting the posts, banister, whatever-you-call-its is the most time consuming part of the job.  Our deck is only about 120 square feet and this part took a good two hours.

After the posts were done, I painted the actual deck (while Alex pretended he was a photographer and snapped pictures of me painting.

Note: Do not use a roller to stain your deck.  You will get air bubbles in the stain and die.  In my defense, the roller was all Alex's idea.  Also, start your staining in one of the back corners and work your way to the front.  This ENSURES that you won't have to step on your work.

The finished project!  The deck is still wet in this picture.  The stain didn't dry this shiny.  The next weekend we purchased a new patio set and repositioned our grill to complete our outdoor living space!

While I was hard at work, Alex snapped some photos of the annuals in our yard.

Pretty, no?  the boy has skills.

Also, did I mention that my wedding present came early?  Well, it did and I have a brand spankin' new Canon EOS Rebel 2ti to prove it!

Isn't she pretty?

I think I'm in love!  

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jenny Craig Weigh-In Week VI!

Hey there,

Another week, another weigh-in.  I am happy to say that despite my fried food binge, I lost 1 lb.  Chances are, I am still retaining a lot of water weight from all the salt and fat, so next week I (hopefully) will have a bigger drop.

Another pound brings me to a total of 13 lbs!

The wedding planning is going strong.  I have so much to do any only 2.5 weeks left to do it all!  I had my hair trial yesterday and I have my final dress fitting today.  I'll let you know how the arm-pit fat is coming along!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Oh God, I just ate hushpuppies and fried fish......