Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jenny Craig Week VIII Weigh-In

Another week another pound and a half!  This puts me at around 17 pounds lost from the end of may until now!

My goal was to reach my half-way point (around 20 lbs.) by the time the wedding hit.  While I have not and will not accomplish this by Saturday, I am still very satisfied with my results, the weigh loss, and how I look.  I picked up the dress today and what a saga it has been.  I went into my first fitting and the seamstress could hardly do the dress up.  It was a RUDE awakening, partially prompting my pre and post wedding diet.  Every time I went back the dress kept getting looser and looser until finally, at my last fitting, she had to take it in an inch on both sides!  I went to go pick up the dress today and she looked beautiful and very tiny since being taken in.  I opted not to try on the dress one more time, and instead, the next time I put it on will be my wedding day.

In other news, it looks as though the wedding is going to be steamy HOT!  We ordered some huge fans to put around the reception space just to get the air moving a little bit.  Say a little prayer that there isn't a heat advisory this Saturday :(

Want a sneak preview of part of my wedding day look?  Okay here it is!

Anyone have any advice for a soon-to-be married couple?

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