Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weight Loss Weigh-In Week VIII!

Weigh-in number seven was yesterday and it went great!  I lost another three pounds this week!  I am sooo surprised because this past weekend was my second bachelorette weekend!

To start the night we went to Nada, a mexican fusion restaurant downtown.  Not only did I eat FLOUR tortilla chips and guacamole to start, but I also DRANK two mojitos.  I then ate two of my three grilled chicken tacos.  Yum.

After dinner some of the ladies and I went to a local bar right across the street.  We sat outside, a good choice considering the theme of the bar is western, bull included.  I drank some more (rum and diet cokes) and people watched.

Alex picked us up and the bachelorette party pretty much ended at that point.  We went to a local bar down the street from our house and relaxed on the patio (while some drama ensued).

I would say that the party was a success, I got to eat something not on plan with JennyCraig and drink for the first time in months!  The best part?  No hangover (really)!

Despite last week's gluttony, I have managed to lose 16 lbs!  That's two more than the average bride loses and I still have one more week to go!

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