Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Sick Baby

So sorry for not posting in the last few days.  Things have been pretty hectic.  While I have completed some nifty crafts since coming home from the NC, my camera chord is STILL yet to be found....I am currently trying to convince Alex that a new camera would be a good idea.  Addy and I have had a rough couple of days.  On Sunday she was acting kinda funky, not her peppy self.  After she barfed (twice), we realized that, yes, gross, she had chewed off a piece of a pair of my underwear that she found in the closet (sorry if this is tmi, but it is my blog after all).  We took her to the e-vet and they seemed to think that she did not have an obstruction and that she had gotten all the fabric out.  $100 later, we were out the door and back home.  We thought we were in the clear since the vet said that any recurring vomiting would be worrisome, and she did not vomit again.....until this morning.  I called the vet again, and he seems to think that since we had been feeding her significantly smaller portions since the vet visit and that I had given her the normal amount this morning, that vomiting all over my comforter was nothing more than a puppy being a puppy and wolfing down her food too fast.....

Anyways, sorry for the lame-o post.  I promise to have projects and pics soon!

P.S. Any ideas for a great banner?  Mine is seriously lacking....

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  1. You can do anything you set your mind to. Love u xoxox