Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Wreath

Everyone and their momma is making fall/halloween wreaths this season.  After sporting my cute summer wreath for four months, I decided it was time for a change.  I set out to the craft store and dollar store and came up with this beauty!

Disregard the glare: clearly my windows are clean.

I call this wreath my 'mummy halloween wreath'.  I did not take pictures of the process (but really, there doesn't need to be any this wreath is so simple!).  Blogger fail.

Start by getting a wreath from the craft store.  I tend to get the cheap straw ones as opposed to the foam forms.  They are SUPER expensive.

Take a piece of muslin and make a tiny snip at the edge of the seam.  Make sure that the cut runs with the grain of the fabric.  Rip away!  Using this technique makes this part go really quickly, the strips are straight, and you don't spend hours cutting.

Wrap the strips around the wreath, tacking them at the back of the wreath using your hot glue gun (this is obvi the mummy part).  

I made some cute rosettes out of felt in colors that I thought were halloweeny, and made some halloween bunting.  Attaching all of the decorative elements, including a dollar store crow, finished off the look.

Lastly, I took some dollar store spider web cotton stuff (that's what I am calling it, get over it) and strategically placed it on the wreath to give it that spooky effect!  Hang the wreath, stand back, and enjoy!

Did you create a fall/halloween wreath this year?

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