Friday, August 5, 2011

We're Back!

Remember that thing I said I was going to do in my last post?  Well, we did it!  Everything went amazingly well, the ceremony was beautiful, the toasts were amazing, and the drinks and dancing flowed!  I think everyone had a really great time!

Alex and I are over the moon about finally becoming husband and wife.  We have officially gotten our marriage license back from the county and I have filled out all the paperwork necessary to change my name!  I even took off the "cox" sticker on the mailbox yesterday, meaning that we are a house just of kings!  Addy is also very happy that her mommy finally has her last name.

The honeymoon was also fantabulous!  We had a great and relaxing time.  Once I get all of the pictures loaded and edited, I'll share!

Since we don't have any of our professional pictures yet, I'll leave you with a teaser from the photo booth that we had at the reception!

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